Studio Distinctives

Layug String Studio exists to train violinists and violists toward lifelong musicianship, in whatever capacity they may choose.  While the teaching plan is customized for each student based on learning styles and interests, these four distinctives shape every lesson.

A healthy technical foundation

We place emphasis on understanding how the technique works, which allows us to adapt to each student’s physical makeup as well as the demands of the repertoire.

Effective practice skills

We take time in the lesson to develop strategies for productive home practice, problem solving, and time management.

Integrated musical theory

Students are challenged to use both audiation (aural perception) and notation, and we enjoy delving into both the scientific and harmonic functions behind the music.

Applied musicianship

Because letting our music speak is the point of what we do!  All technique moves to musical communication.  We regularly use recording in the lesson as pieces are polished, and students are encouraged to share their music both in studio-sponsored performances, and in their homes and communities.


You’ll notice I refer to “we” throughout these points, not just “me” as the teacher.  This is because I view the student/teacher (and parent!) relationship as very much a partnership in growing music.  Every student brings a different understanding and a different voice to the lesson, and developing that voice is truly a joint effort.  Which, of course, is what makes my job so much fun 🙂


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