About Kathryn Layug

 Hello, and welcome to my studio!

I have been making music for as long as I can remember. The first influence in my musical life was my mom, who gave me my first piano lessons and taught me to sing harmonies! I began playing the violin in 6th grade, and by the time I was in high school, felt that music was what I was born to do.

In college, I studied violin and string pedagogy under Elizabeth Pabón at Maranatha Baptist University.  I started teaching lessons and group violin classes during college and fell in love with teaching.  I also became fascinated with the processes of learning–how to gauge readiness for new concepts; how to tailor instruction to a student’s learning style; and of course how to practice well! I received my Bachelors of Music Education in 2006.

My first job after graduation was as a full-time school string teacher and orchestra director, where I developed a curriculum for first to third grade orchestras and taught lessons and orchestras from elementary to high school. In 2011, I shifted my focus from school teaching to the private studio and have enjoyed the opportunity to work with my students and their families on an even closer level. I continue to learn from other teachers, workshops, and from my students themselves. I also continue to perform as the occasion arises, both as a soloist and in groups.

J.P. is my wonderful husband, and we have four great kids who make every day an adventure.  I also enjoy literature, the outdoors, cooking, organizing, and (yes, really) practicing!

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