• Students are requested to schedule absences at the beginning of each month, when paying. I can generally accommodate scheduled absences with one week’s notice, and provide a makeup lesson or credit toward the next month. However, absences with less than one week notice must not expect to be credited or rescheduled (though I may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis).
  • Lesson cancellations for illness, extreme weather conditions, or family emergency are exceptions and will always be rescheduled , credited, or refunded.
  • Lessons missed by me for any reason will always be rescheduled, credited, or refunded.


  • Lessons are a partnership, and regular practice is necessary for any progress to be made. Generally, I expect at least five days of practice per week. The amount of time will vary based on the student. Students (and parents) are always welcome to contact me between lessons with questions.
  • If a student is having trouble practicing sufficiently, we will strategize together and with parents, to come up with an workable practice plan. Usually I am able to find some way to help a student work through a busy season or an unmotivated stretch. Rarely, nothing seems to help and I have to advise a student to stop lessons until they are able to practice more consistently. Lessons are a big investment for everyone, and I never want to let that be wasted.

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome to attend the lessons of their children, as long as it’s not a distraction for the student! Parents of young students up to teenagers are an integral part of the lesson partnership, and I’m always happy to answer questions or discuss concerns. However, I do ask that the body of the actual lesson time be focused between me and the student, and that discussion or questions from the parents be addressed outside of the main lesson time (before or after the lesson, or through phone, email, or scheduled follow-up).


  • Payment should be made by check at the first lesson of each month. Payment may also be made through your bank’s QuickPay or mailed by the 5th of each month.
  • Late payments will be given one grace week, then assessed a late fee of $5 per week. Accounts that are unpaid after one month will receive notice of lesson suspension, until paid in full.
Lesson Timing and Fees
  • Lessons start on time. I build cushion into our schedule so that we can take a little extra time as needed without making others late. On the rare occasion I start a lesson late, the teaching time will be made up in the cushion or in another week’s lesson. If a student arrives late I will not necessarily make up that time.
  • Students may arrive a couple minutes early and quietly get ready while another student finishes.
  • Current pricing structure is:
    • Beginner lesson $28 (avg 30 min)
    • Extended lesson $40 (avg 45 min)
    • Hour lesson $50 (avg 60 min)
    • Multiple lessons from the same family may be prorated (i.e. two 30-min lessons priced as one hour lesson).

Lesson materials

Students need to have the following at each lesson:

-Instrument, bow, and case of good quality and in good repair (see Instrument Guide)
-Soft cloth for cleaning instrument
-Individualized “setup” equipment (chinrest, shoulder rest or pad-can be determined at first lesson)
-Tuner/metronome (phone apps work well or ask me for recommendations)
-Lesson notebook (will be provided)

Students must also have an adjustable music stand to use for home practice. If instrument is owned, a spare set of strings is recommended.


Updated 9/5/2018

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