Lesson Timing and Fees

  • Lessons start on time. I build cushion into our schedule so that we can take a little extra time as needed without making others late. A standard lesson will generally be about 35 minutes of teaching time, with 5 minutes cushion.
  • On the rare occasion I start a lesson late, the teaching time will be made up in the cushion or in another week’s lesson. If a student arrives late I will not necessarily make up that time.
  • Students may arrive a couple minutes early and quietly get ready while another student finishes.
  • Current pricing structure is:
    • Standard lesson $35 (40 min slot)
    • Hour lesson $55 (60 min slot)
    • Additional lessons in the same family will receive $5 discount

Attendance and Payment

  • Lessons are weekly. In the last week of each month I will send out billing for the next month, including notice of any weeks without lessons (holidays, etc.)
  • Lesson fees are to be paid by or at the first lesson of each month. Zelle is preferred; checks are also ok.
  • Dates off should be scheduled by the last day of the preceding month. (Confirm when you get your billing and before you pay the new month.) Absences not scheduled before the first of the month may be charged! (if you’re uncertain, just let me know and I’ll work with you on it.)
  • If you need to cancel a lesson mid-month, please give me as much advance notice as you’re able. I do not refund mid-month cancellations, but I may be able to do a make up. (Not guaranteed.) However–
  • Lesson cancellations for illness, extreme weather conditions, or family emergency will always be rescheduled , credited, or refunded. (Zoom lessons can be an option in some of these cases as well.)
  • Lessons missed by me for any reason will always be rescheduled, credited, or refunded.
  • I am open to using the extra week in 5-lesson months as a makeup week if needed.

Lesson Materials

Students need to have the following for each lesson and home practice:

  • -Instrument, bow, and case of good quality and in good repair (see Instrument Guide)
    -Soft cloth for cleaning instrument
    -Individualized “setup” equipment (chinrest, shoulder rest or pad-can be determined at first lesson)
    -Tuner/metronome (phone apps work well or ask me for recommendations)
    -Lesson notebook
  • Necessary music books will be discussed at our first lesson.
  • Students must also have an adjustable music stand to use for home practice.
  • If instrument is owned, a spare set of strings is recommended.


  • Regular practice is necessary for progress!
  • Ideally a student will have 5-6 focused practices in a week–however, we strive for consistent, intentional practice in the context of real life! 🙂 We’ll talk about strategies for maximizing progress when life is crazy; we’ll also plan for good, consistent habits that can stick for the long term. See Practices page for more info and ideas.
  • A pattern of low practice/progress will be addressed with the student/parent on a case-by-case basis.

Parent/Family Involvement

  • Parents are welcome to attend the lesson; siblings may also come in if they can be reasonably undistracting 🙂 As far as possible, please keep questions/comments to the beginning and end so the student can focus in the body of the lesson.
  • There is usually a point where the student focuses better without the parent present, but I believe the parents are still a vital part of the student’s growth and will touch base at least quarterly. Parents are welcome to reach out or stop in to the beginning or end of a lesson at any time.


  • Performance Days are held in late fall and late winter, for students come together and play for each other! This is a low-key event primarily for fun, low-pressure performance experience, and learning together.
  • Spring Concert (late May) is a formal, polished performance for families and guests.
  • We love impromptu and informal performances! Play for school, play for church, play for your family or your neighborhood, and let me know about it!
  • School and community orchestra participation is also encouraged.

Updated 11/18/2021

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