Easy Music Markings

Recently I’ve started using a set of very simple music markings in my practice–they’re pretty basic, but I thought I would share! I’ve always marked practice spots, and encouraged students to mark their own, with a start or a circle or a bracket, but this is an easy way to be a little more specific.

Mark your music with:

  • R=Rhythm
  • N=figure out Notes
  • I=Intonation
  • B=Bowings
  • A=Articulation (accents, staccatos, etc.)
  • T=hmmm…I was using it to mean Tone, but thinking about it, I think it might be more useful as reminder for Technique awareness.  What do you think might be a good substitute for Tone?  S=Sound?  D=Deep Bow?  I would love your thoughts!

Apologies, by the way, to any blog followers who got the link for lasagna this morning!  I posted to the wrong blog!  If anybody does want my lasagna recipe though, you are welcome to head over to the correct link here!


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