Fall Announcements

Our Fall Performance Day will be Saturday, November 12, at 10 am.  Since we have a small group of performers this time, we’re going to try holding it at my house.  It will be informal, interactive, and there will be snacks!  Please be on time!!!!!!! 🙂

Like last winter’s Performance Day, this session is primarily for the students to perform for each other.  Students who aren’t performing are still encouraged to participate.  Parents, of course, are also welcome!

I’ll be making “Progress Calls” next week–I’d really like to do this more regularly to keep parents in the loop.  Parents. please see your email re: scheduling a call time if needed.

I will be teaching November 21-22 (before Thanksgiving) as well as December 19-20 (before Christmas).  There will not be lessons from Dec. 26-Jan.4.

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