New studio location in Geneva

New music studio on west side of Randall has fall openings!  Layug String Studio is located in Randall Square and has 1-2 fall openings available for violin lessons.

Layug String Studio is open to new beginners age 6+, current orchestra students, and adults!  (I do not teach preschool-age or highly advanced students, but will be happy to direct you to those who do!)  I have 15 years of experience and love what I do, so it would be my privilege to talk to you about lessons!

My studio focuses on whole musicianship for lifelong playing.  This includes healthy understanding of technique; effective practice strategies and time management; understanding of music’s structure (aka “music theory”)–both for better understanding of written music and for creation of your own; and a traditional core repertoire that’s “tweakable” for the kind of music you like to play.  I believe music is to be shared: the studio holds both formal and informal performances, encourages school and community orchestra participation, and actively lays the framework for creativity and “jamming” skills.

As you look through the site (be aware some updates are still in progress), feel free to email or give me a call to determine if I’m the right teacher for you.  I love being a part of this music community and would be delighted to bring you along!

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