Spring Studio Notes

Here’s what’s coming up as we move to recital!

April 21: Not an official studio event,  but three of our musicians are playing their first trio gig at Friendship Village’s art show!  It’s from 6 – 8pm and open to the public,  so it would be great to go support them!

April 27 – May 1: no lessons as I will be gone.

May 4: New studio rates begin. Details were in your email;  please let me know if you have any questions. 

May 25: Memorial Day–will probably to reschedule Monday’s lessons to later in the week if possible. This will be the last week of our practice contest and we’ll make sure to add up points for music awards.

Week of June 1: recital rehearsals with piano.  Schedule and payment details tbd but I am thinking of consolidating to one official practice day, with the option to schedule a second independently….open to thoughts on this!

June 6, 7 pm: Studio recital at Friendship Village! 🙂

Week of June 8: Summer lessons begin.

One other thing to be aware of is recital audition season. Elgin and Schaumburg youth orchestras both hold their auditions near the end of the school year; check the websites (linked on the sidebar) for exact dates.  Those who participate in this can tell you it’s a really great learning experience,  and I think fun too!  I’ve been to concerts for both and they do a really nice job.  In short–I really encourage each student to consider participating,  and I am happy to help you prepare for the auditions. Most of the time the recital repertoire can easily serve for audition material as well.


February Studio Notes

Our 2015 recital date is set! We will be playing at Friendship Village on Saturday,  June 6 at 7pm. We will be starting to choose pieces toward the end of March/early April.

Please let me know when your spring break is,  if you are planning to take any time off lessons in March. I will be teaching across the spring break season,  though it’s possible I’ll be taking a week of vacation in late April.

I feel like I’ve had less chance to communicate with some of you parents this year and would love to touch base over the next few weeks.  Please let me know if there is a preferred day/time to give you a call–my easiest times are mid-afternoon or late evening when my babies are sleeping.  Overall I’ve been very pleased with progress, so no worries.  🙂

Have a great week! 
Mrs. Layug

Easy Music Markings

Recently I’ve started using a set of very simple music markings in my practice–they’re pretty basic, but I thought I would share! I’ve always marked practice spots, and encouraged students to mark their own, with a start or a circle or a bracket, but this is an easy way to be a little more specific.

Mark your music with:

  • R=Rhythm
  • N=figure out Notes
  • I=Intonation
  • B=Bowings
  • A=Articulation (accents, staccatos, etc.)
  • T=hmmm…I was using it to mean Tone, but thinking about it, I think it might be more useful as reminder for Technique awareness.  What do you think might be a good substitute for Tone?  S=Sound?  D=Deep Bow?  I would love your thoughts!

Apologies, by the way, to any blog followers who got the link for lasagna this morning!  I posted to the wrong blog!  If anybody does want my lasagna recipe though, you are welcome to head over to the correct link here!