Level 1

(First lesson-Suzuki 1)


  • Basic instrument care
  • Tall, supported violin posture
  • Secure, relaxed, and curved bow hand
  • Balanced violin arm and “straight-line” wrist
  • Strong, clear tone in long bows and short bows
  • Introduction to dynamics and styles
  • Accurate finger placement for basic intonation
  • Ear-finger connection
  • Basic major scale pattern, including “theory” of scale construction and basic intervals
  • Confident reading of notes on D, A, and E string, as well as eighth, quarter, half, and whole rhythms

Core Repertoire

  • Blue Book of Violin Tunes
  • Suzuki 1+CD
  • Freddie Fiddle and Betty Bow (optional)
  • Adult beginners may follow a slightly different path, using the Essential Elements ($7), Strings Extraordinaire ($7), or Doflein ($10) books rather than Suzuki in the early levels.  At later levels the paths will blend.

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