Level 2

Level 2: Beginner (Minuets Suzuki 1-Witches’ Dance Suzuki 2)


  • Continued refinement of violin position as student grows
  • Development of slurs and fluent bow use throughout the whole bow
  • Progressions of dynamics, style, and early development of phrasing
  • Especial attention to violin arm/hand use as we extend to all strings and many different finger patterns
  • Development of accurate intonation in many keys
  • Confident reading of all notes and accidentals, dotted and tied rhythms, and 16th notes
  • 2-octave scales and arpeggios: G major, A major, Bb major, and C major mastered; g, a, and d minor scales introduced (including “theory” of major/minor relationships)
  • Beginning shifting and possibly vibrato introduced

Core Repertoire

  • Suzuki books 1-2
  • Solos for Young Violinists book 1 (Barber) OR Smart Violin Method books 1-2 (Herrault)

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