Music Picks

For our Practice Contest this year, we are earning “Music Points” that can be redeemed for online music ordering.  I thought I’d put up a brainstorm list of music you might enjoy.  There’s everything here from the most classic of classical to fiddle, jazz, and contemporary covers but all of it is in one way or another violin-related.

Please note that you are NOT limited to this list in making your selections—there is so much great music out there that this could only be a starting point, but hopefully it will provide some inspiration and ideas you might not come across on your own.

My personal favorites or recording a lot of students have enjoyed are marked with * as Top Picks.

Albums that are under 50 music points (as of January 2015) are noted.

Also please note that I have not listened to every single recording by every artist.  If I think there’s anything that might require a parental double check I’ll note it with a question mark. 🙂

Classic series:

25 Classics series–here’s one link there should be a whole bunch of related links at the bottom to take you to a whole series of works and composers.  60 pts apiece as of January 2015

Rise of the Masters series–download only, 22 pts apiece.  Again, the link here is to one and there are a whole bunch of other recordings in the series linked below.

Violin Masters:


Contemporary Violinists

Contemporary acts/ensembles

Film Composers:  This is really a bare sampling including some of the “classics” and only a handful of today’s best-known—seriously, google around and you will find a TON—this is where most of today’s orchestral composition is taking place and a lot of it is phenomenal!  Note that just because I recognize a composer does not mean I recommend all the movies they’ve scored!  🙂

Just awesome works:


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