Repertoire sequence

Selections in bold are usually core materials; others are optional/supplementary.

Level 1

  • Blue Book of Violin Tunes
  • Suzuki 1
  • O’Connor Violin Method bk 1
  • Smart Violin Method, Sandy Herrault
  • Freddie Fiddle and Betty Bow
  • Essential Elements
  • Strings Extraordinaire
  • Doflein Method

Level 2

  • Suzuki 1-2
  • Solos for Young Violinists, vol. 1 ed. Barbara Barber
  • O’Connor Violin Method bk 1-2
  • Smart Violin Method, Sandy Herrault
  • Wohlfahrt Foundational Studies vol. 1
  • Essentials For Strings
  • Kuchler Concertino op. 11
  • Rieding concerti, op. 34 (G major), 35(b minor)


Level 3

  • Suzuki 3, selections
  • Suzuki 4, especially one complete Seitz concerto (2 or 5) and Vivaldi Concerto in a minot
  • Solos for Young Violinists, vol. 1, especially  La Cinquaintaine, Kuchler Concertino
  • Solos for Young Violinists, vol. 2, Bohm Sarabande
  • Violin Technique: How to Master (Drew Lecher)
  • Fun With Solos (Evelyn Avsharian)—especially Perlman ConcertinoMoto Perpetuo, Hungarian Dance
  • Old Masters for Young Players
  • Vivaldi Concerto in G major op. 303
  • Rieding op. 21 Hungarian
  • Introducing the Positions ( Harvey Whistler)
  • Melodious Double Stops ( Josephine Trott)


Level 4
At this level, music selections become more and more individualized.  The list below reflects most of the pieces that may be used, but it is not exhaustive.  Students will not play all pieces at this level; rather, we will pick the ones that best fit each student’s advancement and enjoyment.  Students may also request pieces not on this list or in genres besides the traditional classical selections, though they will still need to complete a selection of core pieces.

The volumes in bold will be recommended purchases, as much of the music can be drawn from them.  However,  most titles at this level can be purchased individually instead, if desired.

The pieces in bold are “standard repertoire”, i.e. pieces all violinist should be familiar with.  We may not work in detail through every one of these, but every student who completes level 4 will play a strong sampling, and will have the skills to approach any of the others.

  • Suzuki 5, selections, esp. Bach Gavotte, Veracini Gigue, and Country Dance
  • Suzuki 6, selections, esp. La FoliaFiocco Allegro
  • Solos for Young Violinists, vol. 2, selections, esp. Infant Paganini, SarabandeIntroduction and Polonaise
  • Solos for Young Violinists, vol. 3, selections, esp.  Tempo di MinuettoMazurkaPerpetual Motion
  • Solos for Young Violinists, vol. 4, selections, esp. Polish Dance, Gluck MelodieAllegro Brilliante
  • Violin Technique: How to Master (Drew Lecher)
  • Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies, vol. 2
  • Sitt Etudes, op. 32
  • Dont Etudes, op. 34
  • Rieding concertos: op. 24 (G major)
  • Seitz concertos 1, 3, 4
  • Vivaldi concertos: a minor, g minor, G major
  • Haydn Concerto in G major
  • Bach:  Double Concerto in d minor, Concerto in a minor
  • Accolay Concerto in a minor
  • Early Handel sonatas
  • Early Mozart sonatas

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