Ice Cream Practice Contest!

This summer you can keep on top of your practice by being part of Mrs. Layug’s “Ice Cream Practice Contest!”  Earn points each week for your practice, and on the last week of summer use your practice points to “buy” ice cream and toppings so you can celebrate your summer accomplishments with a sundae!

Every practice day=1 point—however, you have to have at least 3 days in a week (recorded in your notebook!!) to earn any points for that week!  If there is more than one week between lessons you can count every time you practice between lessons.

During our last week of August lessons we will have our sundaes. J


Point System:

Each scoop of ice cream=15 points

Toppings (Chocolate, caramel, fruit, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream, M-n-M’s, whatever else I come up with!)=5 points each

Each cherry=2 points


Practice hard!  🙂

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