Performance Announcements

  • Recital is Saturday, June 3, 7pm at Friendship Village!  Please be 10 minutes early for tuning (and remember parking there can be tricky so you may need to build in extra time for that!)  Please dress nicely 🙂  Guests are welcome!
  • Piano rehearsals will be on Tuesday, May 30.  Please see your email for information regarding piano rehearsal times, location, and fees.  Please bring your own piano parts to your lessons, so we can familiarize in the meantime!
  • Any individual lessons during the week of May 29-June 2 will need to be requested and scheduled specifically, as your normal time slots will not be available 🙂
  • I’ll be confirming summer plans with everyone over the next few weeks.
  • Happy practicing! 🙂  Be intentional!

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